Elite Series Fitted Tee

What's My Size?
Elite Series Fitted Tee Sizing Chart

True-to-size. Tees are made to look tailored thanks to the ProTailor™ back darts. This means you can get a fitted tee with your normal size. These are not undershirts; they are regular sized t-shirts with with a fitted mid-section. Model has a 40" chest and wears Medium.

Measuring Guidelines

For the shoulder, measure from the outside edge of one shoulder to the other shoulder. For the chest, measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. For the waist, measure around your waist where your pants usually fall, with one finger of space in between.

Size Shoulder Chest Waist
XS 16.75" 34-36" 28"
37-38" 30"
M 18" 39-41" 32"
L 19" 42-43" 35"
XL 20" 44-46" 38"
2X 21" 47-49" 40"
Neck Style
Midnight Navy
Jet Black
Brilliant White
Sharkskin Gray

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  • • ProTailor™ back darts remove excessive fabric for a fitted look.
    • Tapered sleeves and smooth contour around the arm.
    • Collar-cut rib design conforms to your neck’s natural profile.
    • Pristine shoulder construction with an end to end neck tape.
    • Breathes better than linen.
    • Inhibits bacteria growth.

Protailor™ fit enhancing back darts

Better fit made possible through the Pro-tailor process, a fit enhancing sewing technique reimagined and redesigned to adapt to the softness of our fabric, engineered and hand-made in Los Angeles. Carefully-folded fabric stitched into tasteful patterns and elegant lines, for the best looking tee.. ever.

The best fitting tee also has a conscience

Our new Elite Series Fitted Tee combines conscience with comfort in a smooth-stretch blend of 90% TENCEL® branded fibers and 10% Spandex. But design is not just what it looks and feel like, design is how it works. Brand-new, subtle back darts eliminate typical t-shirt boxiness. Tapered sleeves provide a contoured fit – no more pointy shoulders. This new pattern and soft, breathable fabric redefine what a smart-looking t-shirt should be: dress up. Dress down. Even work out. And believe us, you’ll get noticed... and envied.

Pristine Construction

A new collar-cut rib design conforms to your neck’s natural profile, plus a new shoulder construction with an end to end neck tape allows you to experience unmatched freedom of movement.

Smooth-tapered Sleeves

Carefully folded fabric is stitched together in the outer portion of th arm openings, eliminating the pointy-shouldered look for a sleek and smooth contour around your arm.

Dress it up... or down

Combine these precision-engineered cuts with the unmatched performance of our fabrics crafted from TENCEL® fibers, and you’ve got a t-shirt whose sophistication – whether dressed up or dressed down – is matched only by its comfort.

Performance Enhancing Textile

Our Elite Series fabric is a textile more absorbent than cotton, keeping you cooler.. and fresher. With a smooth fiber surface and a touch softer than silk,  you’ll feel more comfortable than ever before. It even inhibits bacteria from growing, without the use of harmful chemicals.