There's strength in choices

It took 14 months of blood, sweat, and more than a few tears to overhaul production processes from start to finish. Miguel and his team learned more than they ever thought they could about trees, textiles, hardware, body shapes, movements, styles, and aesthetics. Bringing our customers the apparel they wanted in a way we feel is right proved to be an incredible challenge. But we succeeded. And today, at Bensly, mindfulness and sustainability form the core of everything we do.

Our values are self-taught

Bensly is the evolution of The Comfortable Club, launched in 2014; a small company manufacturing underwear for men and women. Then, as now, we believe in providing better service and smarter sourcing by cutting out middlemen to take full control of our supply chain. While undergarments remain the core of our global business, today we’ve expanded to a full line of premium sold exclusively online. Our company values and product design reflect minimalistic style: simplicity, utility, and comfort. More importantly, Bensly believes strongly in sustainability.

Build a stellar supply chain

After a worldwide journey searching the most sustainable performance fabrics, we started looking for the best cutters and sewers – those who share our passion for eco-friendliness and can prove it. We began to consciously reduce our shipping footprint by splitting our supply chain to prioritize efficiency. Today, we work with a top fabric mill in Zhejiang, a Guangzhou facility for cutting, sewing, and packaging, and local mills and cutters right here in California. Our facilities are unmatched in the apparel industry. And, equally importantly, their hiring practices and employee-enrichment programs ensure workers get treated with the respect, fairness, and opportunity they deserve. They’re our kind of people, and we’re proud to partner with them.

Use sustainable forestry

We know that our business activities – from shipping products to dyeing shirts – inevitably create pollution as a by-product. So we strive continuously to reduce impact. We use fibers created through a closed-loop process that recycles 100% of solvents. Nothing is wasted. Our American Pima Cotton and Austrian Eucalyptus fibers are grown on plantations held to the highest environmental standards.

There's plenty more to do

Bensly will continue to hold true to our core values, which guided us through the creation of a company we feel genuinely proud to operate – and one our customers feel proud to support. It’s still a challenge to manage such a diverse global network, but we take care to be present at every step. To get everyone involved. To hear their voices. To hear yours. To ensure ecological sustainability, encourage social responsibility, and deliver the premium apparel you’ve come to expect while making positive change in the world we share. And together? We’ve created something truly special. We've set an example, and we thank you for being a part of it.

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