Bensly is a gentle reminder that bringing something truly amazing to the world requires diverse perspectives. I believe that quality apparel shouldn't only perform well, but should ask less from our planet as well. I'm here to inspire others to rethink their practices by asking more of themselves.

Miguel Madrid

From Construction, sales and hospitality

Miguel began his career as a 21-year-old assistant to a housing contractor, helping build small housing units and warehouses. Several years later, he became a sales rep for a snack-distribution company. Miguel drove and managed a truck full of snacks, tasked with convincing small mom-and-pop stores to carry his products. He offered consignment terms and a money-back guarantee, even going so far as to donate free samples, taking a hit on his own salary when supervisors ran inventory counts on his truck. From there, Miguel transitioned to hospitality working at a small restaurant in Miami. Here, his ideas were reinforced: the customer always comes first and always be product focused. These were good years. He carried with him his genuine love for customers’ happiness and passion. It would never leave him.

To Supply Chain...

Looking forward, he was offered the opportunity to lead a multi-national roofing and materials company’s procurement department.  He quickly expanded his perspective and began to develop expertise in global supply-chain management. Within months he’d re-imagined the company’s entire sourcing strategy to focus on rigorous quality control, direct-to-source purchasing, and more robust systems allowing for greater scale. Miguel now fully understood worldwide supply chains – and it was time to keep moving forward once more.

First step into fashion

In 2014, a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter allowed Miguel to tap deep into his network and launch his first apparel company – something he’d been imagining for years, but only now possessed the knowledge to achieve. He launched his new company on what felt like a simple mission: to deliver unbeatable underwear at the best price possible. Comfortable Club was born in Austin, Texas, a second campaign launched and Miguel’s mission accomplished. But even with awesome reviews on over 100,000 units shipped, success alone wasn’t enough to inspire him. Every minute not invested in improving products and their positive impact on the world felt wasted. Thus began the real mission …

Introducing Bensly

Miguel and his team found themselves asking one simple question: “how can an apparel company help make a real difference in the world – even change it?” To find out, they packed up shop and headed to Los Angeles, California. Comfortable Club was no more – and Bensly was born. Every material used was rethought with sustainability, comfort and looks in mind.

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