The Ultrasoft™ Series Fabric

First and foremost, our yarn is made from a sustainable fiber made from wood. Ours comes from responsibly-grown South African eucalyptus; its producers have earned multiple environmental awards and certifications. But great responsibility does not preclude great power, and we chose this fiber because its supple, soft texture and outstanding durability are unmatched by any other natural fiber we’re aware of. This botanic fiber creates fabrics capable of easily withstanding whatever modern gentlemen throw at them.

It's Softer than Silk

Our Ultrasoft™ Series Fabric is softer than silk, it’s more absorbent than cotton and it’s more breathable than linen. This incredible fabric combines the best properties of all the top natural fibers into one revolutionary material.

It Wicks Moisture Like Magic

“Wicking” is the action by which water moves through a fabric – think candle-wicks absorbing liquid wax. The better the wicking, the drier the feel. Our fabric excels in drawing moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate quickly and consistently. This quality allows us to eliminate harmful metals, like silver, from the manufacturing process.

It Breathes Better than Linen

The unique fibril structure allows air to flow freely though the fibers, thus allowing for quick evaporation of moisture.

It's Made of the World's Best Natural Fiber

Fine fibers don’t necessarily restrict airflow, although they can. TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers are a special kind of cellulose fiber whose structure actually encourages air to pass through micro-channels. This helps wearers stay cool, even while physically active and even if the fabric becomes wet. TENCEL® is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

It's Ridiculously Comfortable

Its unbeatable skin-feel comes from ultra-fine fibers with a unique structure that allows just the right amount of flex and stretch, while retaining high wrinkle-resistance. Visually, it’s smooth and crisp with a flow similar to silk, but far less lustrous (though far from dull) and not nearly as high-maintenance. It has higher tensile strength than other natural textiles for lasting shape-retention and superior comfort over time.

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The Pima™ Series Fabric

After over 2 years of designing menswear basics and building relationships with the best apparel factories, our team is able to deliver you the best quality Pima Cotton and the fairest possible prices.

Savings on Irrigation

All cotton prefers warm climates – but most of it requires extensive irrigation as, to produce commercially-viable quantities of fibers, it must soak up water like a sponge it can take more than 1,000 gallons of water to produce a single pound of cotton fiber). Pima cotton is different: the only variety which thrives in desert climates. Pima cotton fibers are of greater length and fineness, making for a more sustainable crop that provides greater strength and superior softness when knit into clothing.

More Comfortable Apparel

As an extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, Pima is among the most prized cotton varieties in the world, and for good reason: it simply makes better textiles – twice as strong as regular cotton, more resistant to stretching or loss of shape, and reliably resistant to breakage. This translates to longer-lasting, more comfortable clothing.


Is it more expensive than regular-grade cotton? Definitely. But we don’t pass the cost on to you. For us, this is a necessary step – an acceptable expense – in making our products as environmentally-friendly as they can be by making use of otherwise non-arable land and minimizing water consumption

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