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Facts About Our Elite Series Fabric

The TENCEL® Fibers fibers that go into our yarn get produced in an entirely new way: a closed-loop, harm-reduction system. Eucalyptus wood is chipped and pulped, then mixed with water and gentle, harmless solvent and spun into fine fibers for knitting. Nothing is wasted and the entire production process is self-contained. Our suppliers’ plantations practice sustainable cultivation and forestry, using fast-growing, natural eucalyptus produced on lands unsuitable for other types of farming. Neither irrigation nor pesticide use are required for eucalyptus cultivation, which can yield up to ten times the fiber of other commercial crops. Bensly’s suppliers use the wood, but the trees’ leaves aren’t wasted: the eucalyptus oil extracted from them is a key ingredient in many medicines and food products. Other raw materials can consume 100 times more water, just to grow, than TENCEL® does throughout its entire tree-to-fabric. A unique, patented closed-loop fiber production process that recycles 99% of the solvent used – which is non-toxic and gentle itself – earned the producers the European Award for the Environment (a lofty honor, especially in the apparel industry). No other chemicals are required in processing. No bleach, no cobalt or manganese, no other harmful metals, nothing. Wood, gentle solvent, and water. That’s it. What tiny amounts of emissions escape the closed-loop production process are broken down in biological purification plants. Nothing is left to contaminate our atmosphere. The resulting lyocell fiber is used to create fabrics featuring a touch softer than silk, easier breathability than linen, better wrinkle resistance than rayon, superior moisture-wicking properties, and a longer useful lifespan than other comparable fabrics. TENCEL® is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

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Facts About our Core Series Pima Cotton

What’s “Pima” cotton? It's sustainable, less water-intensive, best-quality cotton in America. Pimacotton is an “extra-long staple” (ELS) cotton; superior for fiber production. Alas, it only comprises some 3% of the US annual cotton crop. Why? Two reasons: First, unlike other cotton varieties which are extremelywater-intensive in cultivation, Pima prefers hot, arid regions and is highly drought-resistant. It takes less water to grow, making it a more sustainable crop that produces higher-quality fiber. Unfortunately, cultivable regions in the US (at least, those in which humans are also able to thrive) are somewhat sparse. Second, the designation is subject to meticulous standards and rigorous testing – only a tiny fraction of growers can earn the right to use it for their crop.

Bensly exclusively uses Pima cotton, also for two reasons: finer, longer fibers, making for a softer skin-feel and superior strengths with less pilling over time and deeper, richer color possibilities, and its ecological footprint is far smaller than other types of cotton we could choose. Is it more expensive than regular-grade cotton? Definitely. But we don’t pass the cost on to you. For us, this is a necessary step – an acceptable expense – in making our products as environmentally-friendly as they can be by making use of otherwise non-arable land and minimizing water consumption.

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