Stamped Reviews


"Overall quality exceptional, sizes more like a T.Johns fit than a Jake J. Next time I'll try a medium. Trunk is a little longer than I'm use to but very comfortable do not even notice. Exceptional product."
Marcus A.
Love this under wear.
"So fare really great. Only issue is washing them. I live in NYC and send out my laundry, so it's difficult at best to try and include a note on how to wash them when they only speak Chinese? "
Comfortable underwear
"Love my purchase- 5stars"
Very comfy
"I got the boxer briefs and trunks and both are amazing. "
"Feel great the only draw is is waist band needs to be stronger otherwise ti’s the best brief I’ve ever owned"
Satisfied customer
"No doubt about it! Quite the best and most comfortable briefs I have ever worn. Superb quality."
Get you some
"Most comfortable, now all time favorite. Just bought more !"
Dennis M.
Customer Service
"I love all my Bensly product, but I’ve noticed that one of my Bensly boxer brief had a hole on it. I then contacted the customer service and told them about it. They sent me a replacement right away and received the product in 3-4 days. Their customer service is amazing. If you have any problem with your Bensly product, just contact their customer service and they will be happy to help. Overall, their product is great and I haven’t had a problem with any of it ever since. "
Sydney F.
Can you say comfortable ???
"Just like wearing nothing at all !!! You get the commando feeling !! The best of the best !!"
Nice fabric and perfect fit
"I supported Bensley on kickstarter from the beginning. First I tried the Boxer Briefs and I love them. Perfect material and very comfortable to wear. For my second order I also bought a T-Shirt. It fits nice and the fabric is little thicker than other T-shirts, but the material is very nice to wear. Very Good qualtity and the price is reasonable."
Robert S.
Very surprised
"Tried the new trunks first time yesterday and very satisfied on comfort and overall fit. Extremely soft and feels great as advertised Thank You"
Eugene H.
Great clothes need larger sizes.
"Great clothes need larger sizes. Your underwear those up to 3X which is a 48 waist. Your pants and shorts only go to a 42 waist. I’m looking awful dapper in your underwear but have no pants to wear. Please consider the larger size man. Help it’s getting cold without your underwear goes up to 3X which is a 48 waist. Your pants and shorts and pants only go to a 42 waist. I’m looking awful damper in your 3x underwear but have no pants to wear. Please consider the larger size man. Help it’s getting cold without Pants."
allan r.
Very soft very nice fitting
"Definitely worth the money - We spend a ton of money purchasing nice beds because we supposedly spend a lot of time sleeping, however we spend more time in our underwear (for most people). I bought the sampler pack as I was new to the brand, all three pairs are great! they all stay where they are supposed to; given my rigorous activity of getting out of bed and sitting in an office chair all day. Above all else its like wearing silk with all the amenities of cotton. I will definitely be ordering more and throwing out my bulk underwear, #CantGoBack #YoureWelcomePrivateBits"
Jacob T.
"However the size I selected are to small.I will try again."
Frank L.
better than great
"Ok. So I don't usually spend this much money on underwear, but I was intrigued. I ordered 5 pair. They arrived very quickly. When I opened them, I could tell they were likely the right size, but too small for the way I prefer to wear them. So, I got online and immediately printed a return label, affixed it to the package, dropped it in the mail box and barely had a chance to breath when I received confirmation that my exchange was being processed. Not sure how they did it, but I had the exchange in my hands 3 days from the day I dropped off the ones I sent back. Crazy fast. Now, about the underwear. They are awesome. advertised. Extremely comfortable and of very high quality. Gotta wash them separately as the result, but worth it. About to order five more pair. "
Lloyd G.
Simply Amazing!
"First of all, I want to commend Bensly on their customer service. One of the pairs of these that I bought a few months ago had a hole in it, so I contacted them and asked if maybe there was something I did wrong regarding washing. They immediately offered me a new pair, free of cost, free shipping. I also ordered 2 more pairs, and they combined the free pair in with my order. Received the package in around 3 days. This is hands down the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn, and if you don't have a pair you're absolutely missing out. I'm an underwear snob now, thanks to Bensly. Keep it up!!!!"
Christopher B.
Bensly Square-Cut
"They are incredible. I will be buying more. You don’t even know you have them on. They are “silky”smooth and fit your skin; great *** appeal."
Unprecedented comfort
"Great. Non-rolling waistband lived up to the advertizing. I only wish I could afford a dozen pairs."
Timothy M.
Even beeter than the boxer briefs
"Excellent fit and finish"
Sidney S.
Great Boxed Briefs
"Excellent service and product"
Sidney S.
men's boxer underwear...
"very nice...the best I've had so far...."
Curt C.
Great Stuff
"So far, really loving the product. Quality and comfort."
"Excellent buying experience online. Great merchandise. Very happy with everything. "
possibly premature evaluation
"I've only worn my new underwear once since receiving them. They seem to be of really nice quality. They fit well and are comfortable for the most part. They do cup my junk with a little more support than I'm used to. But this may end up being a good thing, Overall, I'm glad I gave these try. I expect I'll be buying more."
Steve G.
Boxer Briefs
"Great fit and cpmfort"
Harold E.
Great product
"They fit great love the way they feel"
David J.
Love them
"They fit great love the feel"
David J.
Really comfortable
"I’m pretty picky with underwear, but Bensly’s boxer-briefs were almost perfect. I would prefer they got rid of the slit in the middle though"
Excellent underwear
"Very comfortable, great fit, very good material. Very satisfied. "
Randy D.
Square cut
"I found the square cut to be not as comfortable as the trunks I have purchased. For me the shorter inseam is slightly bothersome. I love the trunks. They are the best. "
David B.