Stamped Reviews


Love them, much better than meundies
"Been using Me-Undies for a long while, and also under armor. I really like these!"
Freaking amazing
"Will never buy any other boxers. So legit"
John E.
Perfect underwear
"Bensly is simply the best I’ve tried on. I’ve tried them all except tommy John, although I have their shirts. Bensly performs and they stay well through a wash. No pilling, grade A material. Perfection in an upscale underwear. Granted I bought them at 10$ a pair on the flash sale. If it was always priced this way or close I could see your sell through of units skyrocketing"
"Soft and super comfortable. Highly recommended!"
Continuing to progress comfort.
"I've stuck with this brand since it was Comfortable Club, and they have managed to create an extremely comfortable set of boxers. The material used is light enough to be easily worn for any activity. Easily my favorite underwear that I own. The only problem I've had is sometimes the longer boxers I've purchased don't breathe the best in the Arizona heat."
Very comfortable sweatpants that both look and feel good
"I've worn these a lot already since getting them. I love them! They're fitted enough to run errands in without feeling like you should have changed first. The cotton is so soft, and I've washed them carefully without any shrinkage yet."
Ben M.
Great underwear
"They feel great and no roll up. Best underwear ever "
Walt S.
"Hope you aren’t going out of business. Best underwear Ive ever owned. Great shirts too"
Best trunks ever. Amazingly quick webshop. Love you guys.
"Your eucalyptus products are the best we’ve experienced."
Riitta P.
Fantastic clothing
"I began by getting some underwear and liked them so much that I ordered more and got a shirt. I liked the shift so much that I ordered more trunks, shirts, and trainers."
Best Boxer Briefs I've Ever Worn.
"No ride up. Ultra comfortable material. I'm fully satisfied with my purchase. Will buy more in the future."
Exactly as advertised
"Five stars. Soft fabric. No big labels. True to size and fit well "
Great construction, fit, and comfort
"I was looking to replace Calvin Klein modal square-cut briefs that are lighter weight than I like and have started to roll up my legs after about a year of continuous use. I bought five pairs of Bensly square-cut briefs and have worn them for two weeks so far. The fit and tailoring are excellent. Seams are minimal and flat. Construction overall is solid. The wasteband is a little wider than typical (which I like) and sits flat. The legs do not roll up, which is great. The rise is just a little shorter than typical but not low-rise by any means. The fabric is very smooth but also a good medium to medium plus weight that should wear well and is neither too heavy nor too light. I cannot tell yet how long the new briefs will last, but they compare very favorably with much more expensive modal square-cut briefs that I bought from Burberry about five years ago and have kept to wear only on special occasions. With with new Bensly briefs, now every day is a special occasion."
Michael B.
HANDS DOWN the MOST Comfortable Boxer Briefs
"Thank you for all day comfort and fit!"
Unbeatable price
"Great, I’ve been using the 2 pairs for over a week and will be ordering more, especially for the price. "
Thomas A.
Just perfect
"The fit was perfect and because I am not so tall it was a delight to have a good fit. The feel of the fabric ... delightful."
Adrian B.
"Soft material, breathable. Very comfortable. Bought some, wore them a couple days, then bought some more while they were still on sale since I liked them so much. "
"Golden to say the least. The customer service, GOLDEN. The boxer briefs, GOLDEN. Didn’t expecte the briefs to feel this great. Went thru 100’s of boxers briefs and finally found the match. If your a sweater these will help. If your always showing plumbers crack these will help, due to the thick and sturdy waste band. And the long legs make them even better. Really REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they restock soon. 👏🏾 restock soon. "
Michael M.
Feel So Good
"Now Have 7 Pair Of Bensly’s Boxer Briefs, FEEL SO GOOD! GREAT!! Great Service, Quick Delivery, Great Selection & Colors Available & Ofcouse Prices Very Affordabile Can’t Go Wrong👍🤗"
"I'm amazed. My I literally feel nothing wearing these"
02/10/2019 far
"The trunks have been extremely comfortable, and I would compare them to meundies and lululemon (yes, they have clothing for men). That said, I only bought them a couple of weeks ago and only wore them once. Not sure for how long they'll hold up, but so far so great. On word of (possible) warning: i don't have the tag in front of me, but I believe that they require some form of special care (cold wash delicate?), so if you want something that you can just toss in the laundry, you may want to consider something else."
Comfy Unmentionables
"These have been great for work. I work in security and wear pants which are built thicker and tougher than jeans. I have had issues with boxer briefs riding up, but these don't at all. They're very soft and comfortable to wear for 8, 12, or 16 hour shifts. No riding, bunching, or sweating. They're thin, soft, and breathable. They're also long enough to stay put, and snug enough to feel supportive, but not constricting. I'll probably get a few more sometime in the future."
Vincent P.
"They Feel Great" !!!!!!!!!!
"Received my order several days ago. Underwear is extremely comfortable and supportive. The ordering and delivery process went extremely well. Very pleased with every aspect of this purchase.......From start to finish."
No Ride, soft fabric, held up
"This was my second purchase of Bensley boxer briefs for my husband. I bought him 3 pairs a year ago and he kept digging through the dryer trying to find a clean pair of these. They are his preferred boxers so I grabbed 5 more on sale. Win! "
Davis E.
Love the fit and fabric!
"These boxer brief fit like no other. They are snug but not too snug. The fabric is very soft and feels great. "
Patrick H.
"Great product for the cost. "
Chad W.
Great Fit
"My first pair of Bensley boxer briefs have great fabric material. The fit is excellent. They are very comfortable. The seams are well sewn and do not cause any chafing. My only modification would be to make the legs a bit shorter. However I definitely give them a five out of five and look forward to purchasing more of them in the future. "
Best Trunks Ever
"These are great trunks. They do not ride up. Super comfortable."
Daniel M.
Fantastic Quality. Great Price.
"I’ve bought quite a few of these boxers now and I’ve been consistently impressed by the durability and quality. Definitely recommend giving your underwear drawer a makeover with some of these. "
Gabriel B.
Awesome customer service
"Had an issue with my order and the customer service couldn’t have been better. Love the trunks as well."