Stamped Reviews


"I'm amazed. My I literally feel nothing wearing these"
02/10/2019 far
"The trunks have been extremely comfortable, and I would compare them to meundies and lululemon (yes, they have clothing for men). That said, I only bought them a couple of weeks ago and only wore them once. Not sure for how long they'll hold up, but so far so great. On word of (possible) warning: i don't have the tag in front of me, but I believe that they require some form of special care (cold wash delicate?), so if you want something that you can just toss in the laundry, you may want to consider something else."
Comfy Unmentionables
"These have been great for work. I work in security and wear pants which are built thicker and tougher than jeans. I have had issues with boxer briefs riding up, but these don't at all. They're very soft and comfortable to wear for 8, 12, or 16 hour shifts. No riding, bunching, or sweating. They're thin, soft, and breathable. They're also long enough to stay put, and snug enough to feel supportive, but not constricting. I'll probably get a few more sometime in the future."
Vincent P.
"They Feel Great" !!!!!!!!!!
"Received my order several days ago. Underwear is extremely comfortable and supportive. The ordering and delivery process went extremely well. Very pleased with every aspect of this purchase.......From start to finish."
No Ride, soft fabric, held up
"This was my second purchase of Bensley boxer briefs for my husband. I bought him 3 pairs a year ago and he kept digging through the dryer trying to find a clean pair of these. They are his preferred boxers so I grabbed 5 more on sale. Win! "
Davis E.
Love the fit and fabric!
"These boxer brief fit like no other. They are snug but not too snug. The fabric is very soft and feels great. "
Patrick H.
"Great product for the cost. "
Chad W.
Great Fit
"My first pair of Bensley boxer briefs have great fabric material. The fit is excellent. They are very comfortable. The seams are well sewn and do not cause any chafing. My only modification would be to make the legs a bit shorter. However I definitely give them a five out of five and look forward to purchasing more of them in the future. "
Best Trunks Ever
"These are great trunks. They do not ride up. Super comfortable."
Daniel M.
Fantastic Quality. Great Price.
"I’ve bought quite a few of these boxers now and I’ve been consistently impressed by the durability and quality. Definitely recommend giving your underwear drawer a makeover with some of these. "
Gabriel B.
Awesome customer service
"Had an issue with my order and the customer service couldn’t have been better. Love the trunks as well."
Until these I couldn't wear boxer briefs
"I've worn boxers my whole life and every time I wear other briefs I spend the entire day adjusting them or my junk. These seem to preven that between the length of the leg and pocket for your junk."
Look no further for no rise boxer briefs
"Others promise the no rise up, bensly have done it. Plus the Tencel fabric is more sustainable and as good as cotton. I am a lifetime customer now. "
Nilesh P.
Great Product
"So far so good! They are so awesome I put in a second order for them during this awesome sale"
Boxer Briefs
"Best boxer briefs ever owned."
Donald G.
So Comfortable
"Amazing quality and fit, the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned! Delivery was also very quick."
Paul J.
Comfortable for leisure and exercise!
"I’m so happy that I bought these underwear! I was looking for a brand that I could wear everyday as well as for an undergarment during my daily runs. These work great for both, even on long runs where chafing can be an issue. Assuming they hold up for the long term, this will be the only brand I buy going forward."
"Fantastic boxer briefs. They are a couple notches above the old Comfortable Club underwear (which were also excellent). These boxer briefs are definitely longer than their predecessors, which isn't a big deal. From the pictures, the trunks may resemble the old briefs more closely. They ride up a tad, but they quickly spring back down. Obviously, they are very comfortable. I will be buying more."
Great fit
"Great price. Great fit. "
Upgrade Time
"Way better than the "cheap department store 5 packs" I've been buying. These stay put, don't ride up and are comfortable all day long! "
most comfortable
"These are the best fitting/feeling pair of briefs ever! Great customer support on issue that was no fault of theirs. Thanks for a great product!!"
Great Product - FINALLY
"These are AWESOME! Very comfortable, fit really well, barely move up at all throughout the day and during workouts (it’s physically impossible for underwear not to move at all), the waistband is very comfortable and doesn’t roll over, and they seem very breathable. The last test will be to see how long they last, if they last more than a year and seem to be going strong - I’ll become a lifelong customer. Delivery was quick as well! "
Great boxers
"Really soft and comfortable. Wash well. No complaints at all!"
"Lovely fit. Soft. Would recommend everyday!"
Most Awesomest No Ride up's
"I absolutely love this product, a more sustainable yet cotton like quality from Tencel....what's not to like. I am a believer, will buy regularly. "
Nilesh P.
"My husband says these are the most comfortable undies he's ever worn. Loves them!"
so far so good
"comfortable, do not make me sweat, feel good"
Good Feeling !
"My first order was so good , I ordered a second time right away ! Well made and feel good on. "
joseph m.
"I bought them as Christmas gift."
Cynthia D.
You've Got a Customer for Life
"Bought these as an early Christmas gift (I know, underpants are usually a lame gift). But this time, I hit it out of the park! My husband loves them... so much so that he decided to forgo his daily shower so he could wear them for two days. They don't ride up or roll down. The legs aren't too tight (which has happened to him before). And everything is ultra soft. He said it's like wearing nothing, but in a good way. I hope they hold up in the wash. Please restock Large and you've got a customer for life!"