Stamped Reviews


Best Boxers no competition
"I have always been extremely happy with the Bensly boxers. They are incredibly comfortable and fit better than anything else I've tried. Always great quality fabrics with the utmost comfort and practicality in mind. "
Very comfortable
"These undies are very comfortable and soft. They fit snug enough to keep everything contained, yet allow enough room up front to let your package relax. I'm not a big fan of the wide band, but I guess it helps with the "no ride" feature."
Very good product and very good customer service
"About the product - Boxer brief/shorts were simply awesome. I used them in my 16day long costa rica adventure trip! These boxers did the job! I put them to real test - rain/sweat/dust and these passed very well. No odor! Very comfortable. Highly recommended. About customer service - I had ordered them as medium, but those were little tight for my comfort. Great return service and received the large ones right before my trip. Prompt and good service! "
Aniruddha D.
This shirt shows your workout results
"Nicely/lightly fitted and super soft. "
Chris W.
"This fitted shirt is the right size, shape, and thickness. And, it’s so soft!"
The best t shirt I’ve owned
"Fantastic, soft and tailored as described . The material is slightly thicker than I thought yet still retains the soft feel . This lends to a feel of quality and longevity . Well done on the innovation , being from South Africa the home grown eucalyptus is a bonus"
Boxer Briefs
"GREAT!! The Fit Is Great, Light Weight, Cool & Confortable!! Not a bad price at all!! I'll be buying more soon. TW Gerald"
"Great. They feel so smooth, Both wearing and touching. And they fit snuggly without pressure. Just don’t know how they will feel in the summer yet. But the price was out of sight for buying more. It was worth a trial. Most new products give a good price to pique your interest, leading to addon purchases. I know the t-shirts will feel as good, but they are not surprisingly even higher priced. They’ll likely have to be priced more competively with Jockey underwater. This is underwear not fashion clothes. "
Philip B.
Best briefs ever!
"My husband reports that the Bensly briefs are the most comfortable ever. Also, their ecological philosophy warms ones heart. Thank you guys, for good work and excellent products!"
Riitta P.
Great fit-Very Comfortable
"These trunks fit great, keep everything in place snugly and are very comfortable. Planning on getting more. Just wish the discount wasn't on the first order. I wanted to test them prior to buying multiple pairs. "
Sean H
Great fit-Very Comfortable
"These trunks fit great, keep everything in place snugly and are very comfortable. Planning on getting more. Just wish the discount wasn't on the first order. I wanted to test them prior to buying multiple pairs. "
Sean H.
Worth every penny
"Awesome, I tried other famous brands but nothing come close to Bensly from the Comfort "
saad a.
"After wearing them for about a month I can say that I bought the best underwear I ever had. They fit and are loose but not too lose to lose them or slightly go down. No they just stay where they should be. Greetings from Austria. "
Wolfgang S.
Great material but pricey
"Love the shirt. It fits and drapes well. The material is fantastic. I used it on a 3 week trip to Argentina and Antarctica as one of two t shirts and it was great. Perfect for the plane. The price is the only negative as it is quite expensive for a t shirt despite its material. "
"Perfect fit, super comfortable! Great for an active lifestyle, you can move freely without them riding up for bunching up. "
Chad B.
Mens trunks
"These are very well made underwear they stay put no riding up!! Fabric is thin but well made -Nice to have more colors offered in XS and S "
John W.
absolutely perfict
"great product; fits perfectly every thing I like and the best is it is a flyfront; I have had a hard time finding flyfront trunks"
"Great, but need a better waist band "
Charles R.
Very nice material, nice fit.
"It was great putting this on. It felt very soft; but not too soft. High quality material and construction. Fit well."
Gary O.
good product
"light weight, good feel, nice fabric, good fit."
Your experience will exceed your expectations !
"I have purchased the Boxer Briefs, Trunks and the longer leg boxerbriefs. I really like all three styles anf would recommend everyone give them a try. I would prefer a wider more sturdy waste band with your name branded on the band. You should want to advertise even on my boxers. "
Carl Pearcy
Nice Trunks for your boys
"Very good. These trunks fit better than others I have tryed. Very comfortable and smooth. I personally like a sturdier waist band and prefer your brand name showing"
Carl Pearcy
Feeling good
"Very nice. Comfort and support were outstanding. Your waist band was just ok. I did experience a slight roll over. Iam a big physically fit guy. I personnally like a more thick band. I would have no problem with your name on band. I like that maybe othets don't. "
Carl P.
Most comfortable shirt I have ever worn
"This fitted tee is great. I love the feel of it, and it fits so well. It literally is the most comfortable tee I own."
These make my **** look nice
"The waistband is nice and tucked in. The drawstrings are a bit slippery but I like 'em!"
Gustavo R.
Very Pleased
"Fits great and very comfortable! I really like the wide waistband. It would be awesome if these were offered in a low-rise trunk as well. "
"love them very comfortable going to buy more"
Comfy as!!
"Best fitting most comfortable underwear I've found.. already looking to get more"
Simon B.
Awesome underwear.
"Simply the best and most comfortable underwear I have ever put on. Thank you!"
Sigþór G.
super soft and comfy
"these are great.. as a big boy they dont roll up on the leg it is so nice... :-)"
Khyber C.